Yesterday was the Bark Fest, which was awesome.  I did paw prints on certificates signed by the mayor.  Some of the paw prints turned out perfect and some, not so much.  It more looked like an ink blot.  But either way, I had fun.

I put my treat jars from my last post in the silent auction and both received bids.  I also made one more project for the silent auction, which is what today’s post is about. 


The hand soap dispenser top that fits onto a jar you can buy from Michaels, which is where I got mine from. 
The jars are pint size.

The paint used is Shabby Paint line which is a chalk paint.  Peacock and Coral Paradise.  Add two to three layers of the paint.  The top Peacock jar has one layer, which you can see the brush strokes more easily.  The other jars have two layers of paint.

I bought a bag of different style sponges and choose these for the third layer of paint.

The third layer of paint for the blue jars is Folkart Home Decor Chalk Paint – Java.  The coral jar has Waverly Inspirations Chalk Paint – Cashew.  I started with dabbing the sponge into a spritz of water and then into the paint.  I made it thicker at the bottom and dabbed lighter going up to make it look like it was fading.

After everything dries, I added a Satin Varnish from Shabby Paints.  I needed to seal the hand soap dispenser jars since they would most likely get wet.  I put two layers on, but you must let the first layer dry for 24 hours.

I used Burlap ribbon around the jars.  For the above ribbon, I dabbed paint using my finger to give it a little to match the jar.

This ribbon was way to thick, so I cut a good portion of the burlap off, but you can still see the burlap through the lace.  This ribbon was used for the candle jars.

Add some final touches like Petaloo’s burlap flowers.

I haven’t finished the Coral jars yet since I have been busy with the Bark Fest, but once I finish those up, I will post pictures of those.  I also plan to make some more and experiment with some stenciling.  I think these will make great Christmas presents.  I will keep you posted.


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