Hey everyone.  I have had a couple of inquiries regarding a replacement for the Rolodex knob.  I used the Graphic 45 Geometric Metal Knob, which has been discontinued.  Of course when I first made this project I wasn’t aware of that fact and just used stuff from my stash.  I have looked around and have not been able to find any of the Geometric Metal Knobs or the other Knob that Graphic 45 had.  I got mine from Tuesday Mornings.  So this post is about a replacement for the knobs.

First off are reminder pictures of the Rolodex and the knob.

So I went out this weekend to see what I can find.  I found a few things at Lowes and some wood pieces at Joann’s.  So we are going to start with Joann’s.  The wood pieces you can paint and attach to the chipboard piece that attaches to the roller.

This first picture is actually wheels, but the back side is flat and will be able to attach to the chipboard base.
Again, it just needs some paint.

This pictures is a little fuzzy, but these I think are my favorite out of the wood pieces, because they look like door knobs.

The ball type pieces they have in a variety of sizes, in the pictures is the 2″ ones, which is 1/4″ larger than the roller.  The ones on the right at 1 1/4″ which are slightly smaller, but I believe both will work effectively.

The above wood pieces are in the wood section with the wood letters, but the knobs below are in the Loom section.

Next up are items I bought at Lowes and brought home to see if they would work.  I found them in the hardware section where all the cabinet knobs are. 

This knob is a two piece one and I think that is why I like it.

 I cut out a 1 3/4″ circle out of black cardstock which is the same size of the chipboard piece you have to cut out in the tutorial.

 This knob isn’t attached to the roller and was slipping a little when I took the picture.

 This picture is just a comparison picture to show you the size difference.  This is the other type of metal knob that Graphic 45 had.  I just didn’t have a spare geometric knob. 

Next up is a Sliding Closet Door knob.  I know it is a bright gold color that doesn’t go with the project, but I’m sure if you like it you can paint it or ink it.  This is also in the hardware section.  Two pieces come in one package.

  You can either stack both up or use just one.

This last one I didn’t like as much, but you can always add a couple more chipboard pieces to the end of the roller to lift it up a bit and ink the metal surface.  Found in the plumbing section.

I hope this helps with anyone trying to find a good replacement.  Also, if you used something different that works, please feel free to post a comment to let us know what you found.

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