Make Up Case Tutorial and “Folders Galore” Mini Album Tutorial are up and ready under the “Tutorial” tab at the top.  You may also notice that a new tab has appeared and that is called “Random.”  So far there is nothing in it, but I do have some plans for it in the near future.  So keep an eye out.

OPTIONS: I love options, so you can either purchase both tutorials together (which saves you a $1.00).  You can also purchase them separately.  I did this just in case you like one over the other and do not wish to make both.  So pay attention and make sure your purchasing the right tutorial.

Just a few things real quick.  The Make Up Case Tutorial has a section at the end to change the bottom portion to look more like the top tray instead of the mini boxes.   In addition, in the Folders Galore Tutorial I added an additional section on how to make all the folders using cardstock.  There are a few videos on YouTube that show you how to make file folders using the We Are Memory Keepers Envelope Board, if you want to make them that way.

IF YOU ARE MAKING THE “FOLDERS GALORE” MINI PLEASE READ THIS:  I mentioned in my previous blog that I made this album over stuffing it to show you the many, many different ways you can use file folders of different sizes.  With that said, there is no way that I can fill my album up with pictures and close the sucker.  So if you make this album and want pictures in it, I suggesting not doing every page that I have made and add all the tags and booklets and pockets that I did.  But if you want to do that, you can make a larger spine and don’t put it in the Make Up Case and it might work just fine.  Oh, and don’t be afraid to experiment yourself with these folders.  Have fun with it!

I also wanted to show you some additional pictures of the make up case.  So here they are:


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