Where have I been?

You might have notice that I have not posted much lately and my last Graphic 45 post was June 10, 2021 and I did not post on my blog until July 5, 2021.  A lot has been happening in my real life which has postponed my crafting life.

Let’s start off with the good news.  I got married on April 24, 2021.

Me and my husband have been together for many years and we were supposed to get married last year, but due to covid, we pushed it back a year.  Now we are finally married.   Roughly about 2 to 3 weeks later, my new husband got a new job (an offer we could not refuse).  However, his new job is in Georgia (we live in Florida).  So our first 2 months of marriage we have not seen each other much.  He has been in Georgia and I have been in Florida.

Hopefully we will be house hunting this month.  Which means I will be heading up to Georgia for a week or so to house hunt and while I am in Florida, I will be packing.  This leaves little to no time to craft.  Soon I will have to pack up my craft room.

What is to come?

I will most like only be making cards or very small projects until my craft room gets packed and we officially move.  I am hoping to have something by the end of August or mid-September.  But the housing market is not predictable right now and it may take us longer to find something.

I have been getting into Lawn Fawn products and love them.  Cards are easier for me to do right now than to do a project that requires me to record and take pictures of each step.

My upcoming posts are going to be a farewell post to Graphic 45 as I finished my brand ambassador time in June 2021.  I will also be doing a “Sale” post and put my kits and tutorials up for sale.  I have already made some cute lawn fawn cards and will be posting those up soon as well.

I am asking that you bear with me during this time.  I will still be available if you have any trouble purchasing tutorials or any questions.

Also, if you like my lawn fawn posts, please let me know.

Until next time, Happy Crafting!

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