On my last post “Tag Time!” I mentioned that I went on a retreat for Laura Denison’s Following the Paper Trail and we did trades.  There were several trades, but I only participated in the tag trades.  I was in two tag groups.  I want to share with you the tags that I received from some very talented ladies.  I will list the ladies in my groups, but be warned I don’t think I have all my tags and might have mixed up one or two tags in a group.

Group 1: Mary Chuchro, Monica Partirdige, Ruth Roehm, Monica Baker, Pam Baumgardner, Becky Marrs, Debbie Knight, Candy Hazzarde and Libby George.

 The above tag was made by Ruth Roehm and she wanted to incorporate all the trades into one.  The trades were tags, mini album pages, stick pens and chunk charms.  Can you spot them all?

 Aren’t these just amazing.

Group 2:  Ruth Roehm, Libby George, Pat VonMinden, Kathy Farrey, Joan Engelsman, Reta Wingate, Judy Skaggs, Kim Hildebrand, and Lura Langley


I did get some extra’s not from a group that I also want to share with you



 These stick pins from Krista Cross are super cute.  I love the teal one, that’s my favorite color.

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