I hope everyone’s week has started out on a good note.  I just wanted to drop a line or two and let you know I’m have been working on a new project, but life does get in the way sometimes and tends to make things take longer.  It is a two part project and I hope the first part will be done this Saturday.  I have a couple of sneak peak pictures below.  I don’t think you will figure out what I’m making by the pictures, but that’s the point.  Let your imagination run free. 

Last weekend I went to St. Augustine, Florida (I live in Orange Park, Florida about an hour away) and visited 2 Arts and Crafts fairs.  I love to support local artists and crafters.  I bought a pottery vase, pictured below, I just love turtles.  There were beautiful paintings, wind chimes, baby clothes, sculptures made out of sterling silver spoons (really), and much much more. I had a blast and went with my brother and 1 year old niece. 

This coming weekend I will be going back to St. Augustine to watch the Easter Parade which is on Sunday at 3:00 p.m.  If you live close by, you should come and join in on the fun.  That’s all for now.  I will post pictures once I get the first part of the project done. 

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