Today I’m sharing these cute and adorable Easter Baskets that are 3 1/2 x 6″ in size.  These are weaved baskets and takes about 30 minutes to make.  So much fun.  Below are pictures and a quick tutorial on how to make these baskets along with a video to show you how to make them as well.

Materials: (2) 12 x 12″ pattern paper sheets, (1) 3 1/2″ circle cardstock, and embellishments.

I made these baskets for Graphic 45’s #G45MixandMatch Challenge.  I made three baskets using Graphic 45’s “A Ladies’ Diary” paper and “Sweet Sentiments” paper.


The flowers are from Graphic 45 Flower Metal Die.  The “Happy Easter” stamp is from Impression Obsession.


Cut out of pattern paper: (6) 3/8 x 12″


Cut out of pattern paper: (24) 3/8 x 6″

Take the 6 strips and put them side by side and add masking tape to the end to anchor it.

Weave the 6″ strips through the (6) 12″ strips.

Once completely weaved add (1/4″) tape around the edges.  Make sure the tape is on the 12″ strips and the 6″ strips at the top and bottom.

Trim the excess 6″ strips.

Cut out of pattern paper: (2) 1 x 12″

Add tape to the pieces and draw a 1/2″ line which is used as a guide to attached the weaved piece.

Attach the top part of the weaved piece onto the 1 x 12″ at the 1/2″ mark.

Fold over and attach to the other side.

On the bottom section, you will only attach to the front side.

On the backside, cut out notches the full length (12″).

Cut out of cardstock: 3 1/2″ circle.  To attach the circle, which is the base, start by remove the tape backing in the middle of the weaved piece first.

Attach the middle section first.

Attach the remaining 2 sides.

Cut out of pattern paper: 3/4 x 5 1/2″.  Attach this piece to cover the seam.

Wrap to the inside.

Cut out of pattern paper: (1) 1/2 x 12″.  This is the handle.  Add tape 2″ up on both sides.

Attach handle to the inside of the basket.

Add embellishments.  The flower is from a Graphic 45 Flower Metal Die.  The “Happy Easter” stamp is from Impression Obsession.



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