2016 RE-CAP

2016 has been an interesting year.  I started selling kits, which I am excited about.  I have more plans and can’t wait to get to expanding my business even more.  Though I want to continuing moving forward at lightening fast speeds, I just don’t have the ability to do so right now.  My personally life has to come first for the next couple of months as I might have to start looking for a new home and moving along with working on stuff for a Convention in March that me and my fiancé are vendors for.  This personally stuff is making me put the brakes on my business and crafting just for a bit.  I am slowing down, but I have NOT stopped.  So I will be posting new stuff soon, it just wont be this month.  Instead, you get a Re-Cap of the year 2016.  And what a year it was…

I have written tutorials for all my projects, which are step by step instructions with pictures.  Those can be found under the “Tutorial” tab above or click HERE.
I do have kits still available for some of my later projects, you can check those out in the “Kit/Shop” tab above or click HERE.

I will highlight each month, the projects and the fun I had.  Thank you for supporting me and I appreciate your continuing support and appreciation for the craft.

Accordion Style Plus Mini Album – Mon Amour VersionI liked this one because it played off an accordion type album, which I like, and then added pockets.  Also, the closure is one of my favorite parts of this album.  For the original post click HERE.  The YouTube video is HERE.  
This was the second version on this album, I originally did this one for Christmas 2015.  If you wish to see that post, click HERE.



Also in January was my Tag Storage Box.  A simple project to hold your decorative tags.  I had fun making the tags even though it was just paper and tags, no mixed media or inking.  Kind of simple and clean looking.  The original post click HERE and YouTube video HERE.


Usually January and February are slow months because all the new paper crafting stuff is coming out and being shipped.  So for February I only had one project and that was me playing around altering a box I bought from Joann or Michaels.  I called this project, Gilded Lily Altered Box.  Original post click HERE.


March, well March is Graphic 45 Design Team Auditions, which I enjoy applying for.  I did a rather lengthy post for this one, so I am only recapping 2 projects, but feel free to see the entire post HERE.   So for the auditions I have Lighted Voyage and Enchanted Accordion Mini Album.  Also, I made my first SnapGuide, which is for the Enchanted Accordion Mini Album.  That Snapguide is on the original post, link above.



MORE in March.  I did a mini series with lighted boxes.  This one is called Moonit Travels using Graphic 45 City Scape paper line.  I really liked these projects, and made for great home décor pieces.
I made my first kits in April for Voyage Mini Album project.  That was a fun and exciting time for me.  Granted I didn’t make a lot of kits because I was just getting my toes wet.  I don’t make a lot of kits, but as I grow, I will do more and more.  For the original post click HERE.  YouTube videos: Pre-View Video click HERE and Page Construction Video click HERE.



May was fun.  Did a small project, Voyage: Table Banner, which I made my 2nd Snapguide of.  Original post click HERE.  I did my second kitted project as well, City Travels Mini Album, original post click HERE and YouTube Video: Pre-View HERE and Page Construction Video HERE.  So a good month to try stuff twice.



Starting to get the hang of things by summer time, new album, more kits.  I also did some more light boxes (original post click HERE).  They really are fun to create.  The album was my 2-Ring Bound Mini Album, original post click HERE and YouTube Videos: Preview HERE and Page Construction HERE.  I must say that I really liked this album because I made the cover into a vest and it is so stinking cute.




Going small in July.  I used a Graphic 45 ATC box and ATC tags and made an album in a box, called Enchanted Forest ATC Book Box and Mini Album.  So small, but so cute.  I love this tiny project.  As you might have noticed, I have been playing around with taking pictures in my light box and enhancing photos with a program.  It makes some of the pictures just POP.  Original post click HERE and YouTube video click HERE.



My most popular project was in August.  You can never tell which projects will be big hits and which ones will flop, even though I love all of them.  But this one surprised me by far.  The Ultimate Waterfall Mini Album.  I really love this project and I think it was a hit because people love the waterfall style pages.  Original post click HERE, YouTube pre-view video HERE and page construction video HERE.



I went on vacation to Salem, Mass. and loved every minute of it.  So no project.
I love Halloween time so of course I made a Halloween project (I make one every year).  And Graphic 45 brought back Hallowe’en in Wonderland and I just love this paper.  The album is called Wonderland Mini Album.  Original post click HERE and HERE.  YouTube pre-view video HERE and page construction video HERE.


Family time, holiday time, and making Christmas presents time.  No projects.
This project for December wasn’t a Christmas themed like I usually do.  I make a Cookie/Dessert Jar with Mini Albums project.  This one was fun.  Either can be a picture album or dessert recipes.  I didn’t give this one away for Christmas, I kept it.  Shhh don’t tell anyone.  Original post click HERE.  YouTube pre-view video HERE and full construction video (includes cover and pages) HERE.




Time for 2017
Let the good times roll

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