The Tutorials for the Cookie/Dessert Jar with Mini Albums are available under the “Tutorial” Tab above or click HERE.  Kits are available under the “Kit/Shop” Tab above or click HERE.

I have the tutorial listed two different ways.  You can either purchase the full project which is the Cookie/Dessert Jar with the Dessert Mini Album Tutorial OR just the Dessert Mini Album Tutorial, which is only the mini album and not the Jar project.

The construction video for the mini album is ready and posted below.  This video consist of the cover, page construction, binding and matting the pages, so it is a full video.  I usually only have the page construction, but decided for this one to do a full video to show everything.  I hope you enjoy it.

The Jar construction video is being worked on and hopefully ready and loaded by Monday.  However, this is Christmas shopping and decorating weekend so I’m going to test how much I can do in one weekend.



Thank you for watching!


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