I must apology for my last response for the last few days on tutorial purchases.  I have had attempted hackings on my e-mail accounts.  I have a personal e-mail account that had a successful spam hack done to me which was very frustrating and hectic as I am a paralegal, and it went out to all my firms clients and attorneys, courts, etc. After that incident, my business e-mail had an attempted hack that failed.  So I was working on that issue.  Everything is up and running again and all tutorials have been sent out. 

HOWEVER, Hurricane Matthew is coming tomorrow and we will have a power outage as I am about 25-30 miles from the coast.  Part of my city has been evacuated.  As I do not know how long the power outage will last, please be patient with me if you purchase a tutorial as I have to send them to you and it is not automatic.  I will look into an automatic release first thing next year.

Again, please be patient.  Thank you.

Any one who is in Florida (or any state this Hurricane is heading towards), stay safe.

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