I added to my Moonlit Travels project with two additional light boxes.  These new pieces are 7 x 5 3/4 x 1 3/4.  I used Tim Holtz Movers & Shapers Postage Stamp Frame die.  I loved how these turned out.  I used the postcards from the collection as my background piece.  The original project has the Paris light box and the 2 Fleur De Lis light boxes.  The original project is under the Graphic 45 Audition post.

Check out my last two pictures, they’re my favorite as I made them into High Dynamic Range (HDR) pictures.



Here they are unlit and a side view.



Detail and close up pictures.
“Fascinating People” Postage Stamp Light Box




“Thrilling Places” Postage Stamp Light Box



Paris Light Box


My favorite pictures 🙂
The below pictures are me playing around with my camera and photo program to make HDR pictures.


*If you noticed on my “Thrilling Places” Stamp Box I added a Paris Stamp with Brussels cut out together as it seemed appropriate in light of recent events.  Our thoughts are with the families and people affected.
Moonlit Travels

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