I have finally completed the Fake Pocket 2.0 Mini Album.  I started it back in November, the original post HERE and posted a preview video and an instructional video already.  The tutorial is up under the “Tutorial Tab“.

I have updated the cover and added some hot air balloons that I fussy cut.  The original post I had only done the first two pages.  Now all pages are done, tags are in their fake pockets and the inside covers are completed.  At the end of the post is a video of the completed album also.



 I was playing with my fiance’s light box and camera for the cover pictures and I think they look really good. The rest of the album I used my camera and I am still learning this light box thing so those pictures aren’t as good because of the shadows, but they still work.
Inside pictures – The first two pages are in the original post, but I am posting them again since I re-took the pictures.




















Here is a video of the entire album.

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