I am so excited to share with you some fantastic news which had me running around my living room screaming like a kid on a sugar high, not literally, but that is how I felt this morning.  Laura Denison from Following the Paper Trail has given me a position on her inaugural Kit and Cadoodle Crew.  This is her version of a design team. This is a year long spot.  I’m so excited to be chosen for this amazing opportunity. If you want to see who is all on the crew click HERE.

I have been following Laura for about 5 years and she is the inspiration I use today in almost all of my projects.  I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her.  I tend to use her “Stack the Deck” binding method in quite a few of my projects.  She is a fantastic teacher and I continue to learn from her even today.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and her new crew.  So I hope you follow me on this new journey.

I am posting two of my favorite projects that are Laura’s designs that I made.  Both are older projects from 2011, but still are my favorites.

 What I love about Laura’s designs are the details.  The clock part has multiple layers of acrylic that has gears on each sheet to make an awesome looking clock.  I love this piece.  And of course it has a mini album inside the doors.  
This Mantel Clock sits on a shelf in my living right above my couch.  I would put it on my mantel, but I don’t have one.

 I’m not sure if I love this mini because its an awesome design or because I actually put pictures in it.  But I love that there is three style of pages using brads as a fastener.  We love 4th of July so its filled with firework pictures. 

Again, I hope you join me on this new adventure of mine, I’m sure its going to be awesome.

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  1. Melissa, congratulations! I discovered Laura Denison a couple of years ago and admire her designs and attention to detail so much, to be chosen as part of her inaugural design team is a very big deal! Wishing you every success on your new endeavour, Deb

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