I have designed a mini album with a birthday boy in mind.  Colin turns one year old and this album is made as a gift for him.  Hence the title on the album “Colin”.  The album is called a Layout Mini and has full page and double page layouts.  It is essentially only 4 pages, but can hold loads of pictures.  There are large pockets for large tags and medium bi-fold tags.  The album measures 9 x 10 1/2″.  I will have a tutorial for this album posted early next week.

The paper collection I used is Doodlebug Design, Snips & Snails, which happens to be an older collection, but went so well with the birthday boy.  However, this particular collection has only 12 sheets so I had to improvise with lots of colored cardstock.  All of the pages use just pieces of the pattern paper with the help of cut out pieces from the collection, stickers and the Cricut machine.  I will have in the tutorial mat sizes to cover the whole page instead of decorating it like I did, but it will require more pattern paper than I used.

I mentioned that I used the Circut, and I did.  It has been awhile since I broke it out, but it seemed appropriate for this album.  I used the cartridges Create a Critter, Elegant Edges and Plantin Schoolbook for the lettering.  I also use edge punches, dies and corner punches.   I had a blast working on this album and making layouts.

 I happen to be into magnets right now, so the full page layout pages have magnetic closures.
 Full page layout on the right and tags on the left.  Each pocket has one large tag and one medium bi-fold tag.


 Double page layouts.






 The next two pictures where taken before the album was put together.




Of course, a video to show the whole album.

I hope your weekend is a crafty one!

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  1. such a sweet album, and so much space for pictures! makes me wish my boys were younger so I could make one just like it and rescrap their childhoods. guess ill have to wait for grandkids, or try a different theme.
    thanks for sharing.

  2. This is so cute. Looks easy enough to make. Having several of these as a child grows, would be great and then one to follow them thru their school years. Great Job!!!

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