The Tutorial Page is now active. For the Humpty Dumpty project, I have 3 separate tutorials for your convenience as follows:

1) Humpty Dumpty Wall Tutorial. This tutorial is directions to make the Wall and the details such as the bricks and the platform.

2) Mother Goose Mini Album Tutorial. This tutorial is for the album only, which goes inside the Wall.

3) Humpty Dumpty Wall and Mother Goose Mini Album Tutorial. You will receive both tutorials to make the complete project.

All tutorials have written instructions with pictures to follow along as well as a material page which lists all the materials you will need to make the project.  If you have any questions or problems during the process of making your project, feel free to e-mail me at  This is the same e-mail that is listed in the “Contact Me” tab above.

PURCHASING: When purchasing a tutorial, click on the paypal button.  If you do not have a paypal account, paypal does not charge for you to create an account.  You will be directed to the paypal page which will say Web of Creativity at the top left, and underneath that it will show which tutorial you are purchasing and the amount you will be paying.  Follow the instructions until the end.

Once I receive payment, I will e-mail the tutorial to you, which is in pdf form, within 48 hours.  I will be using your paypal e-mail account.
The fourth tutorial I added is the Steampunk Spells Assembly Clock.

These tutorials are for personal use only and you may not share, copy, distribute, or sale them to anyone.

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